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Five Questions to Ask Your Dentist About SmileCorrect Aligners

When you’re looking for ways to fix your misaligned teeth and get straight teeth without metal braces, SmileCorrect™ aligners may be the answer. At Dental Express in San Diego, CA, we use these invisible braces to improve your bite. Our patients wear clear, removable aligners that are custom made to fit comfortably. When a patient is eating, drinking, or brushing and flossing, they are taken out and must be worn for up to 22 hours a day. To learn more about orthodontics in San Diego, CA, schedule a consultation with our specialists.

Who is the best candidate for orthodontic treatments?

SmileCorrect is a great choice when your teeth are crowded, crooked, misaligned, or if you have a poor bite. Patients with rotated teeth, severe overbites, or gaps benefit from them too. These clear aligners make it hard for anyone to know you’re wearing invisible braces. In comparison to Invisalign®, they are made in the United States, and the clear aligners cost much less.

Questions to ask during your SmileCorrect consultation

Some of the most important questions to ask our dental team during your consultation at Dental Express include:

  1. How do clear aligners work?

  2. How do you create my custom set of clear aligners?

  3. How long will my orthodontic treatment last?

  4. How much will my invisible braces cost?

  5. Are these clear braces covered by insurance, and, if not, do you have monthly payment plans?

How do clear braces work?

When you choose to undergo SmileCorrect in San Diego, CA, our dental team will take digital X-rays and impressions of your teeth and jaws to create your aligners. Once we receive them, we will schedule you for a fitting. You will need follow-up appointments every few weeks to assess your progress and to make any necessary adjustments. You also will receive your new aligners at your visit. Based on the current state of your teeth and the amount of correction needed, your treatment can take anywhere from 12 – 24 months.

Caring for your teeth with clear braces

It’s important that you maintain an efficient at-home oral hygiene routine when using these clear aligners. Floss daily and brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. You should also clean or rinse your aligners before putting them back in your mouth. We recommend storing your aligners in their case when you remove them so they don’t get lost. After your treatment is over, you will need to wear a retainer to ensure your teeth stay in their new positions. During your annual dental exam, we can monitor your alignment and bite.

Will my Dentist About SmileCorrect Aligners?

If we can prove that your treatment will improve your oral health, your dental insurance may cover it. If not, we offer various payment methods, including medical financing, that make your treatment more affordable. We can review all financial obligations with you during your consultation at our San Diego, CA office.

Learn more about how clear braces can improve your smile

To learn more about SmileCorrect aligners and other orthodontic treatments in San Diego, CA, schedule a consultation at Dental Express. Not only do straight teeth look better, but they also improve your oral health and reduce your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease.