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Finding quality dental care in a new area is no easy task. Here’s what to look for in your new San Diego dentist

Newcomer’s Guide to Finding a Dental Provider

First off, let us welcome you to San Diego!


Between the beautiful beaches, delicious food, and lovely community, we know you’re going to like it here.


But we also know how stressful moving can be…


After unpacking, settling in, and getting acquainted with the new area, finding a local dentist you can trust is probably the last thing you want to deal with.


So, to take some of the stress off, we created this guide to help you find the San Diego dentist that’s right for you. 


Bouncing around from dentist to dentist is never fun. The following tips will give you a checklist of things to look for so you can increase your chances of finding the right one right off the bat!


Save Yourself Stress, Go With a Family Dentist

If you moved to San Diego with your family, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by finding a family dentist.


These dental practices specialize in providing care to people of all ages and make it easy to schedule appointments for the whole family.


By minimizing specialist referrals and offering children’s dental services, they eliminate the need for multiple dentists – saving you the time, money, and hassle it would take to schedule and attend different appointments for you and the kids.


Family dentists also understand how hectic parenting can be, so they offer flexible scheduling, with hours that accommodate the typical nine to five work week.


Only have time to bring the kids in for a checkup on the weekends? 


Not a problem. You can schedule checkups for the whole family on Saturday. 


Family trips to the dentist have the added benefit of letting your little ones see how comfortable mom and dad are getting their teeth cleaned.


This positive experience can help show them that the dentist is nothing to worry about. Not to mention, interacting with a dental professional who knows how to work with children can teach them the importance of taking good care of their teeth at home.


So, if you’re looking for affordable family-friendly dental care, keep an eye out for a family dentist in San Diego.


“I Just Changed Jobs…What About Dental Insurance?”

If you moved to San Diego because of a job change, pricing and insurance are probably one of your top concerns.


If you have dental insurance, finding a dentist that takes your provider is the way to go. But more than that, you want a dentist that will work with your insurance provider on your behalf to ensure you get the best coverage.


Dental practices typically have a list of insurance companies that they work with on their websites. If not, don’t be afraid to give them a call and ask any questions you have.


If you don’t have dental insurance, it’s important to go with a dentist that offers payment plans for uninsured patients.


Financing options are great because they lessen the budgetary burden and help you avoid putting off dental treatments you would otherwise have to save for.


When it comes to the financial side of things, you want to find a dentist that values integrity and transparency and treats you like a patient rather than a source of income.


The More Dental Services, the Better

When you’re on the lookout for a San Diego dentist, you want to find one that has a wide range of services.


That means if you need crowns, bridges, or other restorative work done, you’ll want a dentist that provides both basic and more advanced dental services.


Keep in mind that your dental care needs will change as you age. So, if you want to stick with the same dentist for as long as possible, pick one that offers the broadest range of services while still fitting into your budget.


The more services they provide, the less you’ll have to go to a specialist, which is usually more expensive.


Emergency Dental Care

You’ll also want to make sure your San Diego dentist offers emergency dental services. 


If you or a loved one loses a filling, cracks a tooth, or has another kind of dental crisis, seeking care immediately is crucial. 


Dental emergencies usually happen at the most inconvenient times. Some practices offer emergency services, but their schedules are so limited that they’re not available when you need them.


Having a dentist you can trust in these situations can have a big impact on your dental health.


Walk-Ins and Same-Day Appointments are a Plus

If you’re a parent with a full-time job, you know how quickly plans can change. 


With work, school, baseball practice, and other after-school activities to manage, things are bound to get messy now and then.


Nailing down a specific time to bring your little one in for their checkup can be a challenge, let alone for yourself and the rest of the family. 


During your search, look for dental practices that accept walk-ins and same-day appointments. Having a dentist that’s willing to work with you and accommodate your busy lifestyle can make a world of difference.


Ask About Sedation Options

Almost 50% of the population struggles with a fear of going to the dentist. 


If this is you or a loved one, check to see which dental practices offer oral-conscious sedation options.


Some offices only provide them for major treatments, but if you or a member of your family has intense dental fear, you’ll need to find a dentist that offers them for general services as well.


Affordable, Family-Friendly Dental Care is Right Around the Corner

If you’re looking for quality dental care for the whole family, Dental Express would love to welcome you to San Diego.


We’re a family dental practice that does everything we can to fulfill your oral care needs without breaking the bank. We have six convenient locations in the greater San Diego area, and we offer flexible scheduling and accept walk-ins and same-day appointments six days a week.


Have a dental emergency? Each of our locations provides emergency dental services six days a week.


We take most PPO insurance, accept Medi-Cal, and offer financing options to anyone without dental insurance. 


Before and after every treatment, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your coverage or payment plan so you know exactly what to expect. Whatever your budget may look like, we’ll work with you (and your provider) to find the best solution.


Above all, our top priority is your dental health.


With general, periodontal, cosmetic, endodontic, restorative, and children’s dental services, we’re able to provide top-notch care for people of all ages while keeping specialist referrals to a minimum.


From our front office to our clinical teams, Dental Express runs like a family, and we treat our patients like family. 


If you’re new to San Diego, there’s no better place to start your search. Just don’t be surprised if it ends with us too! 


If you have any questions about insurance or anything you read today, please feel free to reach out to us. 


And again, welcome to San Diego! We hope you enjoy your new home!


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