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avoid toothbrushing mistakes

Common Brushing Mistakes To Avoid:  A person’s smile is many times the initial thing people notice about someone. A healthy smile is often one of your most distinguishing characteristics. We typically see media plugs and advertisements that present picturesque people who have striking white smiles reminding us to brush at least twice every day. Even though you might be doing this, do you really pay attention to how you care for your pearly whites?

You have around 300 – 700 kinds of bacteria residing in your mouth. If you fail to clean your teeth correctly, the bacteria can stick to food particles and debris, which, later on, causes tooth decay and many other oral concerns. If you don’t brush your teeth often, or if you forget to pay attention to your method of brushing, you may elevate your chances of developing tooth decay, gum disease, as well as jaw and gum loss between the teeth.

Proper dental hygiene begins with figuring out the right methods. As intuitive as brushing your teeth sounds – after all, you’ve probably been achieving it since you were very young – very few people take care of their teeth as well as they should to preserve their dental health. Although you may be making errors while you brush and floss, there are things you can do to fix them. To help avoid oral health problems before long-term conditions can arise, patients should arrange a dental appointment with our dentists at Dental Express in San Diego, CA at least one time per year.

If you stop for a minute and think about your tooth brushing techniques, is it likely that you might be making numerous brushing mistakes without even being aware of it? If any of these mistakes sound like you, Dental Express in San Diego, CA can help you learn good dental practices for the long term.


Our experienced team of dentists at Dental Express encourages men, women, and children in San Diego, CA to change their toothbrush after 3 – 4 months. Aged and broken toothbrush bristles will do little to keep your teeth healthy. After a while, these bristles lose pliability and aren’t fit to efficiently remove the food particles in your mouth. Additionally, bacteria and plaque can accumulate on your toothbrush after long-time use, which can bring about numerous dental issues. Be careful to remind yourself to change out your toothbrush at least every few months.


Taking only one minute to clean your teeth is a big mistake. The average amount of time most patients take brushing their teeth is forty-five seconds; this is just not at all an acceptable length of time. The qualified dentists at Dental Express urge their patients in San Diego, CA to clean their teeth for at least two minutes, two times every day. Any amount below that does not allow the fluoride in the toothpaste enough time to soak into the enamel. To guarantee that you’re devoting a good deal of time to cleaning your teeth, open the stop watch on your smart device each time you brush.


Most of us are likely guilty of cleansing our mouths when we are through with brushing. In fact, it is a normal practice for most patients. Nevertheless, it tremendously decreases the efficiency of the fluoride in your toothpaste, as well as its ability to guard your teeth. In place of water, use a mouthwash consisting of fluoride to wash out your mouth when you’re done brushing.


“Rougher” is in no way beneficial when it comes to cleaning your teeth. A soft technique is the what you need to clean your teeth effectively. Even though you may be under the impression that brushing your teeth harder will remove more of the germs and plaque that lead to cavities and other dental issues, the truth is that brushing roughly will often lead to harm. Extra pressure may in reality cause gum recession. Rather than scrubbing roughly, cleaning your teeth should be similar to a relaxing massage.


The dental professionals at Dental Express urge their San Diego, CA patients to keep their toothbrushes standing up and let them get plenty of air. If you place a recently used toothbrush in a covered jar, it could gather harmful germs.


Some men and women believe that stiffer toothbrush bristles are ideal for brushing teeth because these are what expel dangerous bacteria and food particles from the teeth. Despite this, stiff bristles are not right when it comes to cleaning your teeth. Firm bristles can wear down the structure of the teeth by removing the protective coating of your enamel. Due to this, you may wind up with heat and cold sensitivity. Heat and cold sensitivity refers to when your teeth feel discomfort if you drink something too hot or cold. Stiff bristles will also eventually deteriorate your gum tissue. Our knowledgeable dentists at Dental Express in San Diego, CA, are always happy to recommend the right products for your dental wellness.


Appropriate brushing technique is very important when you are brushing your teeth. To achieve a thorough clean, you need to address numerous places, such as the front, back, top, and bottom surfaces of the teeth. Furthermore, the gum tissue, tongue, and the palate of your mouth should be gently brushed.


To maintain your dental health, it’s important to floss every day. Flossing your teeth daily helps to eliminate the tartar in between your teeth, especially in spots where your toothbrush is not able to reach. Tartar that is not cleaned out morphs into solid deposits along your teeth and gumline, which often will result in all sorts of oral issues.


On average, it takes several weeks to get used to improved habits. Making an effort to incorporate one meaningful habit to your brushing technique every week could prove productive in the long run. Utilizing good toothbrushing habits along with biannual visits to Dental Express in San Diego, CA will ensure your future oral health, as well as decrease your chances of needing expensive dental work in the future. Contact our team of exceptional dental professionals at Dental Express. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of general care and restorative treatments for your entire family.