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When you have tooth decay in San Diego, CA, our professional dental team may suggest a crown. This crown is used when so much decay exists in a tooth that there isn’t enough natural tooth remaining to function properly. It can also be used after root canal therapy or when a dental implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone to finalize the process. Whatever the reason for needing Cosmetic Dental Crowns, taking care of it like a natural tooth ensures that it lasts the longest. However, there are some instances where a crown may come off. Knowing what to do if a dental crown falls out helps your oral health remain at its best. At Dental Express, we offer dental crown repair services.

How do dental crowns work?

Installing a dental crown usually takes two visits to our San Diego, CA dental office. During your first visit, we take X-rays and examine the tooth and the surrounding teeth to make sure you have enough bone around your tooth to hold the crown in place properly. If there is a lot of tooth decay, we may suggest a root canal first. After this exam, we take an impression of your tooth, so a crown can be custom-made to fit your mouth. A temporary crown is made and placed until your next appointment at Dental Express. During your next visit, we remove your temporary crown, clean your tooth well, and fit your new crown. Your appointment is completed with an X-ray to verify that your crown fits right.

How long do crowns last?

Unfortunately, dental crowns aren’t meant to last forever. However, with proper oral hygiene, they can last a long time, sometimes up to 20 years. For your crown to last long, it’s important that it fits properly. This is why we finish off your visit with that important X-ray. An efficient at-home oral hygiene routine of regular brushing and flossing, consistent dental exams, and routine dental cleanings can help your crown last the longest.

What if my crown falls out?

If your dental crown comes out, this is a serious dental emergency. The underlying tooth is unprotected, and can feel sensitive and even painful. To avoid further complications, it’s important to get crown repair services as quickly as possible. When your crown has fallen out, follow these steps:

  1. Recover and rinse off the crown: If it is in good shape, we can reattach it. This saves you time and money as compared to having your crown replaced. If it is dirty, rinse it off with warm water and place it in a bag or container to bring with you to Dental Express for reattachment.

  2. Protect your tooth: You should try to get emergency dental care the same day that your crown falls out; however, sometimes this isn’t possible. Temporary dental cement can protect your tooth until you can get into our emergency dental center.

  3. Visit our dental office: If your crown and tooth are in good shape, we can easily reattach your crown. However, if it is damaged, we may need to make you a new crown. Whatever the case, it’s important to not delay emergency dental care.

Learn about crown repair services in San Diego, CA

At Dental Express in San Diego, CA, our professional dental team can help patients who have had their crown come off. We offer crown repair, and if the tooth and crown are in good shape, we can reattach it easily. To schedule an appointment for emergency dental care, call our dental office as soon as possible. During your visit, we can discuss with you when it’s time to replace your crown.