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Speaker 1:
Dental Express is your one stop shop for all of your family dental needs. Patients are initially attracted to the whimsical art deco, train themed decor of the office. The bright lighting and open spaces in the office immediately put any fears or anxieties at ease. The team at Dental Express is highly trained to provide a custom dental care experience to each patient that visits our office. Our practice caters to the needs of both adults and children, making it easy and affordable for families to keep their smiles healthy and happy.

Dr Ashmore:
Dental Express is separated from other dental offices in that we are a warm environment. We do not feel like a clinic on the inside, which makes patients feel much more at home and at ease, generally makes for a quicker appointment that just feels much smoother and more inviting.

Speaker 1:
In addition to our convenient appointment times, Monday through Saturday, Dental Express is always prepared to accommodate same day or walk in appointments. We are providers for most PPO insurance plans and are prepared to offer affordable cash fees to patients without access to dental insurance. For more information, visit us online at We look forward to caring for both you and your family at Dental Express.