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gum disease

Caring for your smile takes more effort than simply ensuring that your teeth are bright and well-aligned. Your gums take on a crucial factor in your dental health, including your overall wellness. Because most people might believe their gums are in good condition, they are usually alarmed if they are told something else. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a harmful condition that affects the gums that surround your teeth. The disease’s signs typically occur without pain. A number of studies have discovered a connection with periodontal disease and various health concerns, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and forms of cancer, including tooth loss.

In spite of this, we have excellent news: Periodontal disease can be avoided with effective dental care. The simplest method to battle periodontal disease is to receive oral care from capable dental professionals, like the team at Dental Express in San Diego, CA. Our doctors have extensive know-how and training in the field of periodontal dentistry to diagnose various issues and manage gum disease.


Often called periodontal disease, gum disease is, in simplest terms, an infection in the gums. Your gumline is the internal tissue that serves to keep your teeth in their ideal placements. Bad dental health may cause a fuzzy-feeling substance known as plaque to attach itself to and calcify along the gum tissue. Although brushing and flossing can reduce a portion of the bacteria, plaque that’s not eliminated will turn into tartar and settle onto your teeth. Only a thorough cleaning provided by a dentist or dental assistant can totally eliminate tartar.

While accumulating on the enamel, tartar and food particles work in tandem to cause a moderate form of gum disease that we call gingivitis. Gingivitis forms when plaque builds up on the enamel and encourages the nearby gums to become inflamed. Bacteria produces toxins that aggravate your gum tissues, making them red and swollen and, usually, causing bleeding.

When gum disease worsens with no management, more damaging phases of periodontal disease will often cause sensitive and bleeding gum tissue, problems chewing, and even missing teeth. That’s why it’s vital to detect and address periodontal disease before it spreads all through your oral structures.


Well cared for gums should be firm, pinkish, and fit tautly around your teeth. The primary indicators of periodontal disease are commonly hard to detect by the average adult. It is important to arrange regular appointments with our dentists at Dental Express in San Diego. Our team will work to detect the tell-tale signals of periodontal disease during biannual cleanings and dental checkups. Signs of affected gums include puffiness, bright red tissue, sensitivity, bleeding, detachment from the tooth, additional spaces between your teeth, halitosis, missing teeth, issues with chewing, and inconsistencies with your dental alignment.


When patients reach the more intense levels of gum disease, they could require surgical treatments. The dental professionals at Dental Express in San Diego, CA provide several surgical gum treatments.

Periodontal disease frequently leads the gums to recede, which will reveal a section of the tooth’s roots. To address your gumline, our dental practitioners may provide a gum graft treatment. Most often, autografted connective tissue is used for this procedure. The grafted sample is taken from the upper part of your mouth and placed with your gumline, which will address the root exposure.

Gum surgery should benefit people in San Diego, CA who have late-stage periodontitis. Based on the degree of your periodontal disease, there are a few techniques we will likely implement: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery pulls the gumline away from the teeth to expose the roots and allow our dental practitioner to evaluate your situation. From there, we will carry out a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment to eliminate plaque and excess inflamed tissue. The separated tissue will then be moved and stitched in the proper location. In contrast, a gingivectomy removes and reshapes a portion of the badly diseased gum tissue. This procedure is commonly done for those whose situation is more intense. Lastly, a gingivoplasty is thought of as an aesthetic dental operation that improves and reshapes your gums after your gum disease has been dealt with, returning their proper function and appearing more attractive.


The best way to evade periodontal disease is to learn an excellent at-home oral hygiene regimen. Obeying this comprehensive checklist can help guarantee that your shining smile lasts for years to come:

Flossing is important for excellent dental care.
Flossing your teeth at least once every day can help eliminate germs that could be stuck in between your teeth. Cleaning your teeth is a necessary part of everyone’s oral care routine, but it still won’t polish every crevice.

Patients should clean their teeth a minimum of two times every day.
Patients who brush their teeth after meals help to eradicate tartar and bacteria lodged in between their gum tissue and teeth. It’s equally important to not overlook your tongue. Utilize your smooth-bristled brush to scrub your tongue. Doing so will eliminate excess bacteria.

Utilize toothpaste and mouth rinses with fluoride.
People find it hard to figure out which oral care products are the most effective. When browsing, select a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. If used in conjunction, the two products can impact the time it takes for food particles and tartar to gather on the enamel.

Be sure you see your dental practitioner twice annually.
Set up one-on-ones with your dental care provider twice each year for an oral health evaluation and cleaning. Oral exams enable the team at Dental Express in San Diego to identify issues like gum disease when they first occur. To help patients with dental fears, our San Diego facilities can implement sedation options to calm your nerves. This way, you can have your evaluations and professional cleanings with ease.

Cease your tobacco product usage.
Adults who consume tobacco products (including chewing, cigarettes, or vaping) are at a higher risk to be diagnosed with gum disease and various cancers. Tobacco consumption negatively impacts your immune system, making it tougher for your body to fight off inflammation and heal afterward.


Preventive dental care is needed for the battle against gum disease. Look for a dental professional you trust, and be sure to stop by their office two times a year for checkups and cleanings. At Dental Express in San Diego, our staff is skilled at preventing, detecting, and eliminating periodontal disease and many other oral health disorders. Get in touch with our facility today to arrange a session and begin your journey toward your best dental health.